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Ities SK8 jam was EPIC!!!

The first ever jam at Ities DIY spot was -with one word- EPIC!!!
Lots of skateboarding, beers, hotdogs and smiles...
 The contest was a best trick on the street line, best trick on the barrier and best on the quarter wall.
there were no judges, skaters voted for the winner, it's that simple....
On the street line, 18 skaters did their best but Christos Saltas aka Emilio Corali was the chosen one!!!

 On the rebuilded barrier, Panagiotopoulos Panos was the winner.
 After that and before the quarter jam, Thomas (the chef) had some hotdoggers ready for all...
  Thomas secret sauce gave extra skills to everybody on the quarter, but mister George Platis was voted from almost everybody and won!!!
After the last beers, all participants voted and winners took their goodies from POP UP skateboards, GLOBE, Vikings wooden sunglasses and minaroupolis Finest shop....
George Stratakis was the youngest of all riders and took some goodies home!!!
   Panos won best trick on the barrier!!!
 Emilio best street line!!!
Platis won quarter best trick AND he was also the overall winner who took home a pair of handmade sunglasses by VIKINGS.

A huge thanks to everybody who came by and supported our jam, all riders, all sponsors for the free goods they send us (POP UP skateboards, GLOBE, VIKINGS wooden sunglasses), Makis from DIHXO for the sound and generator backup, Tsanis Christos for the great photos, Menadog for the coming soon video, Natasa for doing all the dirty job, Thomas and Anna for the poster and taking care of the hotdogs, Elvis for the poster details, Mitsan and Stelios for the extra hands
 and all of you who supported this DIY spot. 
 skateboarding is AWESOME!!! 

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