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Music On Board #5

Music On Board #5 took place in the beautiful park of Faros in Patras.

Lots of boards to ride and test, 

Frulite on the Go

 J with Thomas, quess who's thwe finest...

 Frulite on the Go girls, always smiling...

 Jordan Petridis with a kickflip on the bank to bank
 Dimitris Vasiliou aka Mitsan

 The legendary Thanos Panou came all the way from Athens to help us, but he managed to find some time to ride all obstacles, here testing the MJ box.
 Team rider Nikos Nikolikos on a stylish back tail at the new picnic table

 Nikos Manolopoulos didn't touch the new obstacle at all!!!! Ollie over the long way!!!
 It's MUSIC on Board, remember? So we got minaroupolis finest DJs  to rock the place like no other!!!
Ladies and gentlemen, Mr Sotiris Stylianos and Kiriakos Asimakopoulos!!!
Mitsan 5.0 

George Savaidis getting ready for the finals

 Lots of writing!!!

 Judges: Thanos Panou, Tom Galanis and John "Savri" Mitropoulos

 Nikolikos putting the new picnic table in the 5.0 test

 Loukas putting his stylish touch on this Krooked grind

 Alex Sitaras flying over the MJ box to !st place

 Saltas Christos

 Giorgos Kappes

Our Filmer, Rodrigo

Jordan Petridis Won best trick

 Nikos Manolopoulos frontside 180 over

 Winners -17 1st Vasilis Kotsakos, 2nd Gregory Papadopoulos, 3rd David Tsela
 Best trick Winners Jordan Petridis and his goodies!!!!
 Winners +17: 1st Alex Sitaras. 2nd Giorgos Kappes, 3rd Marios Daskalakis
 Make some noise MOBoarders!
check also the video