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Vans Shop Riot 2015 (#3)

Fifty-Fifty team was invited at Vans shop riot 2015.

Our team didn't go alone, we had a bus and many skaters got the opportunity to check OAKA skatepark and have a full skate day.

                                                 We get there early but it was soooo f**king hot!!!
Giannis Mitropoulos (savri, lizard)
Vasiliou Dimitris (Mitsan)
and Nikos Nikolikos
did ride for fun, in their stylish eye-catching shirts

           and got 3rd!!! 
This was a great day for us and definitely a day we will always remember!!!
Thanks alot guys!
A big thank you goes to Vans Greece for making this happen, to all riders for having fun with us,
Hail SLUTshop team for taking home 1000euros, best wishes and have a great trip to the finals!!!
check more action at thespot
and the great video:


Fifty-Fifty park down town Patras.

Last week the FIFTYFIFTY skatepark was set down town  Patras, at Georgiou square.
We were informed early in the morning that we could actually do this, so everyone was informed through  social media. At about 5.30 the park was ready and everybody was there to enjoy it!!!
 WE WANT SKATEPARK campaign still goes, thanks for the sigh up everyone, we got a long way to go!!
 Best trick contest for all was held at bank to bank and at the box combo.
 Lots of people were there to check the action!!!!!
 one photo, two tricks

 Nikos Manolopoulos flying above all

 full house

 Nikos Nikolikos signing autographs...
 team photo!!!
 winners!!! Nikos Manolopoulos on the bank to bank...
 and  Grigoris Papadopoulos on the box combo, both got their new GLOBE shoes!!!
That was a good day for locals skaters, having a good park down town.... lets do this again!


Music on Board Vol.4...DONE!!!

Music on Board vol.4 was the biggest and fullest of all!!!
It took place at Faros park, a wonderful place of Patras,next to the sea. 
A celebration of boardriding and music  with live performances from Carte Postale and Chemistry X.
You could  check,  thanks to GLOBE and SOOK board family,over 20 different bantams, cruisers, longboards and find the best one for you or just to cruise around and enjoy the place all day!!!
Over 200 people tried the boards, some for the first time and some and some just for the opportunity to try out a new shape, or board in the perfect place in Patras, for FREE.
Cactus ramps were also there, with a full on fingerskate park, bombing it with their also handmade fingerboards. Check them out!!! 
Our friends from Demadeira boards with their crew, set their tent and some Handmade longboards, cruisers, skimboards, surfboards were there for everyone to check out.
The day was a hot one, but thanks to Frulite on the Go we were all powered and refreshed!
Music on Board vol.4 was a different skateboard contest. It was all about SPEED. 35 skaters of all ages and from all over Greece, battled with only one thing... TIME. 
After the first two rounds, 15 make it to the final, where they had to skate faster, but this time they had to use all obstacles in their run.
Winners for under 17 division where: 1st Christos Mpakodimos, 2nd Tasos Tsolkas, 3rd Nikos Manolopoulos
and on the big guns: 1st Thomas Voukelatos, 2nd Kostas Mpouloukis and 3rd Mike Anastasopoulos
 taking home some POP UP skateboards, Globe shoes and apparel, RHYTHM apparel and more goodies!!!
Best trick contest took place at the bank to bank ramps, where Nikos Nikolikos landed a super clean and smooth nollie bigspin taking home some POP UP and  GLOBE goodies as well.

After a long day of riding, it was finally time for some live music, 
Chemistry X and Carte Postale made this place alot more magical and trippy with their tunes, giving a perfect ending on a perfect day.

Nothing would have happened without the help of our sponsors and friends, so please if you want events like Music on Board every year, show your support at: Frulite on the GO and the Great Boarders
Big thanks to Natasa, George, Sophie, Savina, Cookie, Hlias, Nigga, Belgian, Nestoras, Alto,
Sotiris (our DJ,  check events setlist here),
Chris Tsanis for the awesome photos, Rodrigo for the (coming soon) video.
and of course, all of you who came and made this day special!!! 
'till next year, a kiss from Thomas and all of us!!! keep it sideways!!!