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FIFTY-FIFTY team at VANS shop riot.

We are very proud to be a part of the first ever shop battle in Greece.
Vans shop riot took place at Marousi skatepark and we were there early in the morning so our riders could warm up abit on a new for them park...
Vasiliou Dimitris, aka Mitsan, Saltas Christos aka Emilio, Platis George, and Nikolikos Nikos representing Minaroupolis FFinest 

We battled with 6 other shops and had a great time!
 we love maiden!!!
sweet backtail by Nikolikos
 George Platis and his jawdroppin' polejam 5050...
 Emilio on the coping of the big quarter
 Mitsan on his favorite obstacle of the park

 Mitsan and his handmade griptape graffic...
 Billy G with Fiftys results!!!
Thanos Panou KNOWS!!!
 Thanks  Vans for the invitation, all shop and riders for the great riding, check the video...
 Wishing all the best to the Ministry crew on the shop riot finals in Belgium!!!


Strange rumblings in Patras!!!!

    So we hosted the "STRANGE RUMBLINGS IN SANGRI LA" premiere in Patras...
We got a full house of people who wanted to check Globe's new surf video...
                  drink some beers, (ALL of them actually!!)
 or wanted to see ...LOST, live!!!!
 Girls, girls, girls....
    some more girls and Stelios,
 That's a proud  father!!! We love Mr. Liopetas...!
 happy ...LOST fan...
the THANK you speech by the (i drank more the 2beers) boss ...
This night to remember would not have been possible without the help of MONSTER, DIHXO, SOOK board family, and of course...GLOBE
All photos(as always) by Chris Tsanis, Video (as always) by Rodrigo,
a huge "thank you" goes to ...L.O.S.T. for the great show!
all our love to all of you who pass by, we hope you had a great time like we did!!!!
'till next one...
support your supporters!!!!
Strange rumblings in Patras from FIFTY-FIFTY boardshop on Vimeo.


Platis on Summer PARKacations!

POP UP and fifty-fifty rider George Platis had a quick trip before going back to beautiful Rhodes island for his summer.
He visited Sweden and Norway and the first thing he did was to ride every skatepark around.
First he visited Norway and Oslo jordal skatepark, where he checked the huge ramp... didn't reached the coping... till next time...
 Next stop and park check was at Gothenburg- Sweden
 cement bowls paradise???
are you jealous????


Sound Stage photoz

         check some photos from Sound Stage festival, where we set up our portable park, so everybody could ride it for free...

thanks DYNASTY and Mikros Pringipas for the hospitality, all of you who came by and rode with us and all mc's and Dj's....