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We had a party to celebrate Kiriakos Asimakopoulos collection with Propaganda rollin .co.
Lots of friends came to check the collection and the paintings,
 Beers for all and music by the artist!
We are so proud for you Kiriakos!!! More & more to come!!!
 say cheeeeese!!!!
 CRUISE MORE / WORK LESS cruizer board. You have to try it....the moto AND the board....
 paintings all over fifty-fifty walls
 tee's tanks and a tote bag

 do you remember TWIST cruisers?
Check also a video about Kiriakos, made by our boy Rodrigo... 

CANDIDO DA SILVA a modern Portrait
from Rodrigo Valsamis on Vimeo.
We have to say a huge THANK YOU to Harris and Propaganda Rollin co, for supporting this, Elias the Creative Bastart for the last minute little things, RSP for the video, Sav for always backing us, you for passing by and  last but not least to our board bro Candido!!!

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