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FIFTY-FIFTY boardshop. Supporting skateboarding & snowboarding since 1998. Agiou Nikolaou 99, Patras, Greece. Tel. 2610 621865


the one and only Thomas!

Thomas -Misfits- Voulelatos....
You cant be more powerfull, always on the edge, 1000% true skateboarder than this guy!
He is one of the kids that were born to ride a skateboard and we are proud to say that we know him since his beggining, making him a team rider many years ago...
Focused always on speed, bonelesses, big gaps, skulls and fast punk rock music.He is a one of a kind guy who always do things his way (boards too).
check his band the knives out his 4ever kids part, and
keep your sisters, daughters and moms at home, he is on the loose!

check it and go ride your board.... FAAAST AS FUCK!

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