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FIFTY-FIFTY boardshop. Supporting skateboarding & snowboarding since 1998. Agiou Nikolaou 99, Patras, Greece. Tel. 2610 621865


7ply Patras review!

The parking spot next to Fifty-Fifty shop was turned into a skatepark where skaters from Patras, Aigio,Pyrgos and around battled for the 6 qualification tickets to Thessaloniki for 7ply finals.
The street party also included:
Dj Waif in great  spinning mood andLogos Apeili with his freestyle skills 

 Graffity artists Bilos and Pomis85 redecorating the walls, 

The 6 Skaters who made it to the finals are:
         Saltas Christos
            Nikolikos Nikos

     Kabouris Perris
Giakoumakis Panagiotis 
      Giannenas Takis

      Platis George

 After the qualification runs, a best trick contest was held by Fifty-Fifty shop,

where Spyros Tsarouxas with a nollie bigspin and a stylish bigspin tailgrab won!

Savri with the best trick results!

Stefanos, 8 years old in his first contest!!!

Check also the video  and more news on the 7ply site
Special Thanks to PROPAGANDA rollin co, Vodafone CU, MONSTER energy, DIHXO, Mr Aris for letting us use his parking, Christo Tsanis for the photos and all of you who passed by and had a great time,

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