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Vans Shop Riot 2015 (#3)

Fifty-Fifty team was invited at Vans shop riot 2015.

Our team didn't go alone, we had a bus and many skaters got the opportunity to check OAKA skatepark and have a full skate day.

                                                 We get there early but it was soooo f**king hot!!!
Giannis Mitropoulos (savri, lizard)
Vasiliou Dimitris (Mitsan)
and Nikos Nikolikos
did ride for fun, in their stylish eye-catching shirts

           and got 3rd!!! 
This was a great day for us and definitely a day we will always remember!!!
Thanks alot guys!
A big thank you goes to Vans Greece for making this happen, to all riders for having fun with us,
Hail SLUTshop team for taking home 1000euros, best wishes and have a great trip to the finals!!!
check more action at thespot
and the great video:

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