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Barbie's split ride!

Team rider for life and one of a kind personality Varvara Mitropoulos a.k.a. Barbie had some back-country adventures with the guys from the a while agο at Vale Leventina in southern SwitzerlandAirolo region.

They went for 3 days to Rifugio Carzonera where there is no water or heating, so they carried everything for 8 people (4riders and 4 filmers) in their backpacks.

The German TV show Bayerischer Rundfunk made an episode with their 3 day trip.
Even if you dont understand anything of what they are saying, (neither do we), 
you can see the smiles on their faces 

and you can definitely enjoy the view...
This is the episode in which you can watch Barbie's hiking and riding...
and YES we are jealous Barbie.

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