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blast from the past....

Some years ago, when JP, Jeremy and all the forum guys started something called  jibbing we didn't know what it was about. After watching some videos, (yeah, video tapes, not dvds, neither youtube clips) we wanted to try this new thing, so we borrowed a small rail from the skate guys at pantanassa and went straight to  Helmos, for "jibbing"!!! 
It was the 28th of October 2000 and we were hoping to find some snow.... (no snow cams back then...).
Hopefully there was alot, as you can see, and our edges met metal for the first time..
Christoforos trying that big gap!!!    
 John between a 5050 and a boardslide...!!!
 Kostakis  boardsliding
 Chris on his way for a 5050
Nick on a stylish boardslide... as always!!!

Time flies fast guys... see you all  up  there soon!!!

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