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Strange rumblings in Patras!!!!

    So we hosted the "STRANGE RUMBLINGS IN SANGRI LA" premiere in Patras...
We got a full house of people who wanted to check Globe's new surf video...
                  drink some beers, (ALL of them actually!!)
 or wanted to see ...LOST, live!!!!
 Girls, girls, girls....
    some more girls and Stelios,
 That's a proud  father!!! We love Mr. Liopetas...!
 happy ...LOST fan...
the THANK you speech by the (i drank more the 2beers) boss ...
This night to remember would not have been possible without the help of MONSTER, DIHXO, SOOK board family, and of course...GLOBE
All photos(as always) by Chris Tsanis, Video (as always) by Rodrigo,
a huge "thank you" goes to ...L.O.S.T. for the great show!
all our love to all of you who pass by, we hope you had a great time like we did!!!!
'till next one...
support your supporters!!!!
Strange rumblings in Patras from FIFTY-FIFTY boardshop on Vimeo.

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