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Frulite on the go Skate event / Marousi plaza

We were lucky to be at a great event, hosted by the Great boarders.
A super sunny&hot day with lots of skateboard action and lots of friends around IS a perfect day!!!
This was the first contest on the fresh OAKA skatepark, so everybody was super hyped!!!
Check some photos:

 Overall winner  Notis Aggelis trying some NBD tailslide/stall 

Nikos Molochtos catching some air
Panos Kiamos is watching you...
Panos Loupis took first place on the quarter for landing some huge stylish tricks like this...
 Fifty-Fifty team rider Mitsan had alot of fun on the quarterpipe...
 Harris Markou a.k.a Xaraki 

 Halaris on the big rail
 Molochtos boardsliding

 free products time!!!
 Notis Aggelis paycheck collection of the day!
That was a great day for Greek skateboarding for sure! Check some better photos and results here!

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