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The Great (FUN) Snow Jam!!!!

 The Great Snow Jam at Kalavrita was a blast!!!
We organized another board demo for all of you, who wanted to check some new boards.
 our tent was full of NITRO and SLASH boards,
 but unfortunately weather conditions had some other plans!
The Great park shappers did some quick job and set up a new jib park in front of the bar
 FIFTY-FIFTY team riders Stelios Danourdis, Raymond Prentice and Dimitris Mavrokefalos a.k.a. SnowJim were there, doing what they do best... having fun!!!!
Stelios in some snowskate action

 Antonis David,  ollieing some weird dudes...
                                                  FunnyhatJim and the grand master rebeskal
  Mr Stylianos doing what he does best... playing music!!!
 Stelios is stylish whatever the fuck he is doing...

 Minaroupolis finest representin', you rock guys!!
 SnowJim under and over!!!

 SnowJim did all his jibbing magic and won first place!!!

 Ray is back and hungry for riding...
 Special thanks goes to Vaggelis for showing us once more his MC skills!!!, George Stylianos for his on point music, all brands and shops who supported TheGreat snow Jam, FruliteOntheGO for making this event, Antonis David and all park shapers for making the planB park, Chris Tsanis for the photos, John Tsanis and all the Aigio crew for helping us and an extra big THANKS to all of you who said a loud FUCK YOU to the bad weather conditions and had fun with us!!!!

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