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Barbie in the Bible!?!

Varvara Mitropoulos also known as Barbie, is the best female rider ever strapped on a snowboard in Greece. Period.
She's been riding in full speed and sick style at Helmos Mtn, since the early 90's. 
here performing a text book Method 

  Now she is riding her Stepchild boards in Aroza/Switzerland but when she's not in the pipe or at the park she hikes all over the Swiss alps with a crew of  locals who are 100% commited to hiking and freeride!
 This crew put out a book, best discribed as the Swiss alps Bible. 
It contains a lot of details, maps and very useful tips if you want to put your skis/splitboards, avalance beacons and hiking boots in serious action!!!
check more here.
      This picture of our Girl is in this "bible''.... Check that smile... priceless!!!!

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