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FIFTY-FIFTY boardshop. Supporting skateboarding & snowboarding since 1998. Agiou Nikolaou 99, Patras, Greece. Tel. 2610 621865


Comics & Skateboarding

Comics and Skateboarding were side by side since the early underground days of skateboarding in the 70's-80's.
We love them both and always wanted to do something comic related for the shop, 
Splats is a Greek comic fanzine coming from our city, Patras!
15years ago the first issue was out, now it's time for a new one.... 
We wanted to have an ad and they did this sketch for us:
we loved it and gonna make some more things with it, stay tuned.
you can check more about SPLATS,   HERE
you can also read all issues,  HERE
of course you can just read the new issue at Fifty-Fifty or buy it for 3 euros...
So, what do skateboarding and comics have in common?

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