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Helmos Spring Rumble post#2 & video

check some more photos of our Rumble event, 
Saturday was shaping day, 
Stelios smiles through the canon!!!
 rodrigo is waiting for the wall to move by itself...

 Kostas Goros and John Papasotiriou fixing the red rail
 Last year we had some trouble on this one, so we brought some helpful tools
 everybody shoveling!!!
  snowJim was the test guy on the picnic to rail combo
 John Tsanis taking care of the wall
 Event day, Sunday, John  doing the sticker job to make all our sponsors happy!
 Ronny filming for the HSR video
chilling boys and girls
 Spyros and Stelios
 Bill Kakiouzis got hurt on Saturday and he helped us judging on the event, Thanks alot Man!!!
 Ronny through our DJ George Stylianos
 Jason and Mojo
 Hlias Mertis and his Angels
George"big eye"Georgoulakis   
Judges:Bill Kakiouzis and Bill Papadopoulos   
 waiting to rumbleeee!!!
the Demo/shapers guys, Kostas and John in a relax minute!!!
Athanasopoulos Stavros, one foot 50-50 footplant out
Stelios Danourdis-Method 
Antonis David spinning for second place
Jason Siadimas flows on all obstacles
Spyros Pellonias and his winning 7
kick ass photos by Tsanis Christos, shitty ones by me!
check more photos at thespot
here goes the Video:
Helmos Spring Rumble video
from FIFTY-FIFTY boardshop on Vimeo.

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