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Helmos Spring Ruuumbleeeeeee!!!!

This sunday we were at Helmos mtn, it is allready spring time and we ruuuumbleeed!!!!!
 perfect shaped jibs: box, pole jam (more like a canon) and picnic to rail combo. thanks to Kostas Goros and all the guys that were there on Saturday!
sunny weather and good snow condition
 demo boards from Nitro and Stepchild, thanks to Microxtreme and
Dj's George and Sotiris Stylianos 

lots of boards and boarders on the park,
 Mojo the dog and the black canon on set....
 so ....juniors, ladies and gentlemen..... let's Ruuuuuuuuuuumbleeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! 
 doubles by Jason and Stavros.
 Daniel 50-50
 Nancy, off the canon with an indy
 Elena- extra air time!!! 
 Stelios Danourdis on the big red rail
 Raymond gap to 50-50!!
Spyros on the wall, check the stairs on the side made by shaper for the day John Tsanis...
 SnowJim on his favourite obstacle!!!
 it's spring, remember?
 John, the judges Bill Papadopoulos and Bill Kakiouzis and photo/video man George Georgoulakis
 Spyros Pelonias with a perfect 7.
 Konstantinos Tzirvelakis nosegrabing into third place
the winner Spyros Pelonias gap to boardslide
 first place womens Hilda Pelonia with some serious ''touch the sun'' airtime!!! 
 Nontas Logothetis came all the way from Thessaloniki to land this perfect rodeo 5 and win best trick!
 Snowjim on his way to back360 out
 second place winner David Antonis over the picnic tables boardslide 
shout 'em up guys!!! 
 results time!!!
happy Dj!!!
 Ronny with his boy.
   waiting to explode... 
  Jason and Raymond always pushing each other for the progression of snowboarding,  we love you guys!!!
 Ladies: Hilda Pelonia 1st, Nancy 3rd and Eva 2nd with goodies and checks

Mister Best trick Nontas Logothetis, next seasons local? 
winners: Konstantinos Tzirvelakis 3rd, Antonis David 2nd and Spyros Pelonias 1st!!! get some spray...


That was a day to remember for sure. 
No higher ollie challenge, sorry, we'll do it next year!!!
big thanks to Kalavrita snow Center and  Kostas Goros for taking care of the park and helping us,
Chris Tsanis for everything, Tsanis John for the poster, Ronny Skevis and Kiriakos Asimakopoulos for the amazing teaser, George Kolokythas for the handmade trophys, George and Sotiris Stylianos for DJing,  our judges Bill Papadopoulos and Bill Kakiouzis, all riders who rumbled on the park, Kostas Stathopoulos for taking care the board demo, Athina Maniotis for the paper work, Kostas Karagiannis, Papasotiriou John, Bill "Mitros", Rodrigo, Stelios, Christos for extra hands,
(no rumble would have happend without your help)
 YOU for coming,
and to all our sponsors:
Kalavrita snow Center,
 NITRO, STEPCHILD, COLOUR wear, TSG, DRAKE,, Busted, Microxtreme, S.ex. House.
and remember, 
support the ones that support snowboarding!!!

video and more photos soooooooon!!!!!

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