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Locals checkin: Ities

It was about time to release a video about the DIY spot at Ities.
Rodrigo and his weapons on spot
       Saltas Christos eats shitty plums but dials stylish kickflip boardslides on the hubba 
 spot overview with Mitsan nailing a tailslide bigspin out
 Spyros Saltas

 chief builder George Platis on a wallride 
 special treatment on filmer 
 George Platis on his signature trick: a monkey wallride
 Mitsan getting high air to wallride  
captain John Savri Lizard testing the new kinkrail
Mitsan again, this time with a stylish boneless 
Nikolikos Nikos flipbacktail
the best view on a skatespot ever...

after all, Rodrigo D. Valsamis made this epic episode of Locals Checkin'...
more to come...!!!

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