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Cars free day, Athens

Last Saturday it was the Car free day. 
Propaganda rollin co. organized a demo and asked for our help...
                    So since there was nothing going on in Patras, we set the portable skatepark there...

     It was a weird feeling setting the ramps in the midle of a big street on the center of Athens while cop cars                                       drive by and dont say nothing...
Once the park was ready, it was time for Mitsan, Savri, Dicky,  Koger, Machairas, Zavos, Tribo, Nestor, younggun Alex and many more to ride it!!!
                                                                      Mitsan 50-50
   Savri- Airwalk
Danny was also there to test the setup...
                                          Nothing to do with Skateboarding... But we had enough!!!

inline hockey players also checked the ramps!
start them young, even like this!!!!
Mitsan Harris Savri in the streets of Athens!
That was a day to remember for sure! Check more here and wait for the video...

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