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FIFTY-FIFTY boardshop. Supporting skateboarding & snowboarding since 1998. Agiou Nikolaou 99, Patras, Greece. Tel. 2610 621865


our celebration!

what a day!
saturday was a celebration day for Greek skateboarding and we were there!
"OUR PARK" skate plaza is a dream that came true for every skater!

obey the rules!

overview photos...

Perris 50-50ing the bankbox

Perris again-boardsliding the big six


Dicky- 5.0

lots of people!

Dicky representing the new Fifty-fifty caps!

Mitsan grinding the big steel cube!

Theoharis "trelos" Marinos- great skater/scientist/friend/ex-local and x-fiftyfifty team rider!!!!!!

on our way to find something to eat... we found this spot just outside police headquarters!

this is dedication people! Patent!!!!!!!!!!!
check more (better) photos and videos at goodtimes, color, thespot.

was every trick NBD?

a big thank you to OURPARK crew, Billy@Color and everybody who was there...

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