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Music on Board #2 report

I can't really describe in a few words what happened this past weekend at Music on Board#2 in plaz EOT Patras but i'll try...

on the music stage:
DIHXO guys worked very hard to make it happen.



Planet of Zeus

Lord 13, Planet of Zeus, the Raindogs, B-sides, vavel, fata morgana, lost, feel'in, bonjoir nuit and of course Monovine shaked us with lots of Decibels and great performances.

Lord 13

the graffiti guys had some problems with the municipal police and didn't finish their work...FUCK!!!!

at the skatepark:
Molochtos Nikos won the big guys' contest, taking a brand new Guitar home -it's Music on Board, Remember!!!???- (he has already started taking lessons, let's hope that he plays as good as he skates!). Xaris Markou (xaraki) took the second place (150e), and Panos Loupis was placed third (100e).

mallioris panagiotis- ollie

savri- frontside indy

takis Giannenas- bs180

Saltapidas Christos- kickflip


Alto-boneless 180

Thomas Voukelatos- broken

Sunday was juniors' day. The park was full of hyper active and super happy kidos.
1st was Loukas Prezas, Perris Kampouris 2nd and Mose (Papadopoulos Andreas) 3rd.
all skaters who participated took some goodies home!

Xenos kostas- kickflip

the best trick contest made George Platis (Vimon) 100e richter with a shove it late flip over the bench!!!!!
Voukelatos Thomas- boneless bigspin

Nikolikos nikos-bs flip

Dickie- kickflip footplant

Platis George(vimon)-shove it late flip

highest ollie contest had two winners: Thomas Galanis (Boardsports TM) and Karampelas George ollied over 85cm and won 50e each.

savri counting...

Thomas Galanis

Karampelas George

A huge thank you goes to MONSTER energy, DC and Element for the support.
volcom, goodbie, propaganda, emerica, etnies, von zipper and zero for the free stuff.

a big thank you goes to everybody who gave us a hand to make this festival possible.

savri- over everything

the Goodbie team, the Propaganda team, Blacksheep skateshop, Pimp boutique from Giannena, Citrus shop from Aigio, Five-0 shop from Agrinio and every rider who came from all over Greece.


All of you who passed by, said hi and gave us positive vibes... THANK YOU!!!

check more photos at: extreme experts, the spot, Chr. Tzoutis, Mathaios, color

also, many thanks to Christos Tsanis and Mitrelino for the great photos

thomas surfin' the blue park

waiting for the video...


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  1. congratulations to John and the fifty fifty team for making festivals as big as this happen, pushing skateboarding to a higher level!!
    we had a great time there..