FIFTY-FIFTY boardshop

FIFTY-FIFTY boardshop. Supporting skateboarding & snowboarding since 1998. Agiou Nikolaou 99, Patras, Greece. Tel. 2610 621865


aigio fest!

goodtimes went by for fiftyfifty riders and friends at hot aigio...

creetings from panos&panos, sav luzing, john in business...

lots of people under the hot sun!

stathakopoulos broz rip hard once again and placed 1st and 2nd! ...YES they are twins

some art...

local rat Panagiotis Mallioris had the worst slam on the box...but kept on!!!

savri with a signature airwalk

mr. Best trick Panagiotopoulos nollie 5.0 shuv it out...

thanks for everything guys, see you next time!!!!!!!!

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